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More Than Just After School Care – A Journey in Learning and Martial Arts!

Welcome to the After School Program at Everest Taekwondo, where we offer a unique blend of care, education, and martial arts training in Brampton. Understanding the challenges parents face in finding quality after-school care, our program is designed to be more than just supervision – it's a comprehensive experience that contributes to your child's personal growth and well-being.

Why Choose Our After School Program?
Safe Transportation and Care

Instead of leaving your children with babysitters or having them arrive home alone, choose the security and engagement of our After School Program. Our drivers will pick up your children directly from their schools, ensuring a safe and reliable transition from school to our center.

Structured and Supportive Environment

Once at our center, children are given time for snacks, homework, and educational games. This schedule is carefully supervised by our staff, ensuring that your child is not only completing their academic responsibilities but also engaging in meaningful and fun activities.

Martial Arts and Life Skills

We provide more than just quality care and academic support; we introduce your child to martial arts. Our After School Program includes martial arts training, teaching valuable life skills during the highest risk time of the day for young people. Our program is not just about physical fitness; it's about instilling discipline, confidence, and respect.

Comprehensive After School Care
  • Holistic Development: Our program balances physical activities with academic support and social interaction.

  • Experienced Staff: Our dedicated team is committed to creating a nurturing and enriching environment for your child.

  • Engaging Activities: Alongside martial arts, we offer a range of activities to keep children actively engaged and entertained.

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