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Read what our students and parents say about our school and the program: 

Taekwondo has helped me in many areas of my life. Of course, I have learned self-defense. But, Taekwondo has helped me to improve my academics, other sports, and most of all, my attitude toward myself and others.” – Kelvin, age 18

“Master  Shahi  is an excellent Tae Kwon Do instructor. His students do not learn only kicking  or punching  with him they learn so much more they learn manners, balance, patience, confidence, and well being, as well as respect  for themselves and others.Tae Kwon Do brings out the inner strengths while teaching one to control the outer physical strength, something the students will remember for a lifetime.Master Shahi  is a perfect role model and mentor, and will be remembered by his students and their families”  -Mrs. Wang

 I enjoy practicing Tae Kwon Do because it’s a great way to keep safe and meet new people. Since I started training with Master  Shahi  I’ve learnt many different skills,self control self motivation and self respect  and respect for others. I thought he would be very serious and strict, but he makes the class so much fun with his jokes, so although it is hard work, it is definitely enjoyable.  I always feel better after a class. It is a challenge mentally as well as physically. You can’t worry about anything else while you are there with Master Shahi.  The stress of the day goes completely and my body is so much stronger and
suppler.I aim to keep training and one day become black belt.” – Harpreet Singh

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